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Holiday Trip Must-have items

holiday trip

Holiday trip parking is all part of the fun. No, frankly, it is! After a travel ban for a couple of years, holidays abroad have resumed this year, meaning packing for trips will be more exciting than ever.
More so, you’re planning to jet away for a family trip, a holiday with friends, or a romantic cruise with your other half. We’ve compiled your need-to-know packing guide, and here are the 20 items you need for your trip.

holiday trip

Ensure your passport and travel documents – such as your travel insurance – are in your hand luggage. These are items you can’t afford to lose. It’s also essential to make a copy before you travel in case anything goes missing.
List of travel documents you need.

1. Passport

2. Boarding pass

3. Visa documents

4. Driving license

5. Travel guide to the country you’re visiting

Tech and entertainment

When traveling, you will need to entertain yourself before reaching your destination. You’ll want to save plenty of room in your hand luggage with entertainment devices such as:

6. Charger for Laptop

7. Headphones or earphones

8. Laptop or tablet

9 . Mobile phone ->  I shouldn’t put this here because everyone always has his phone almost all the time. The most important thing is ensuring your phone network is at its best. The phone network is crucial since you might have your holiday in very remote places. And of course, you need to remember its charger; mostly, I prefer a fast charger to save time.

10. Plug adaptors

holiday trip

Since you are traveling to a different country, a universal traveling adapter is a must. This universal adapter comes in handy since other regions have different socket designs, and on top of that, it enables you to charge multiple devices at once.


Essentials make your journey more comfortable and come in handy once you arrive. 

11. Sunglasses

12. Glasses or contact lenses

13. Pocket tissues

14. Antibacterial hand gel or hand sanitizer

15. Clear sealable bag for your liquids

16. Face mask

17. Disinfectant wipes ->You surely touch your face as much as you connect with your phone. Regularly cleaning your phone and other belongings with disinfectant wipes will save you from any virus attack.

18. Reusable water bottle


Although many hotels offer toiletries, it is better to prepare according to what you need for your hygiene. Among them:

 19. Toothbrushes

 20. Toothpaste

 21. deodorant

 22. moisturizer

 23. soap

24. Sun cream

holiday trip

For most of us, a holiday is only complete with swimming and basking at the beach. Sun cream does protect your skin, especially when basking at the beach from areas experiencing intense sun rays.

Traveling with kids' items

Children can’t keep up with stress they must be supper comfortable for you to enjoy your holiday. Your little ones need to be comfortable and entertained on their travels with snacks, toys, and games. Without some essential items, which ill mention below, toddlers will surely embarrass you or make you regret going with them. Some of the kids’ holiday items are:

25. Nappies

26. Wet baby wipes

27. Snacks for the journey

28. Games, Toys, and Comic Books

Appropriate clothing

Though going on a holiday trip, you’ll still need to wear your home clothes at some point, especially if it’s a long holiday. Packing these clothes in your suitcase will take a lot of work, as for me I prefer to carry what I am used to wearing rather than trying new clothes.

An easy way to make luggage is to select rhyming clothes so that you do not stop putting something on because they aren’t rhyming. 

29. Swimwear

30. Pyjamas

31. Handbag

32. Beach bag

33. Laundry bag


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